B2B E-Commerce Systems

Disc Space 5 GB - Upgradable Up to 272 TB
Bandwidth Unmetered
Uplink (up/down) 1 Gbit/s - Upgradable to 40 Gbit/s
Package Upgrade
E-mail Unlimited
Platform Windows
Uptime 99.99%
Support 24/7 Annual
DDOS Shield 10 Gbit/s - Upgradable to 1 Tbit/s
Dedicated IP Optional
Google reCAPTCHA Protection
IBM Honeypot Protection
Sitewide XSRF Protection
Admin Area IP Restrictions
Access Control Management
Product Management
Product Category Management
Product Brand Management    
Product Sorting Feature
Product Attributes    
Product Conditional Attributes    
Checkout Attributes      
Product Specifications    
Single/Grouped Products
Bundle Products  
Related Products    
Cross-Selling Products  
Recurring Products        
Rental Products        
Downloadable Products      
Gift Card Products  
Home Page Products
New Products Module
Marking as New Product Feature
Require Other Products Module  
Bult Edit Products    
Tax Category Module
Tax Exempt Feature
Tax for Additional Shipping Fee
Tax for Additional Payment Fee
SKU Module  
GTIN Module  
Manufacturer Part Number Module  
Call For Price Module
Price Module
Old Price Module
Product Cost Module      
User Enters Price Module    
Base Price Module      
Tier Price  
Product Reviews
Product Visibility Range
Stock Management        
Minimum Cart Quantity Feature
Maximum Cart Quantity Feature
Allowed Quantity Feature  
Product Return Module    
Limited to Sites Feature        
PDF Export
XML Export
Excel Import / Export
Order Management
Order Filtering and Reporting
Order Export as XML
Order Export as Excel
Order Printing (PDF Invoice)
Re-Order Feature
Customizable Invoice Module
Shipment Management  
Shipment Filtering and Reporting  
Printing Packaging Slips  
Set as Shipped Feature  
Set as Delivered Feature  
Return Request Management    
Recurring Payments Management        
Gift Card Management  
Shopping Carts and Wishlists Management  
Promotion Management
Discount Management  
Coupon Code  
Assigned to Order Total  
Assigned to Order Subtotal  
Assigned to Products  
Assigned to Categories  
Assigned to Brands  
Assigned to Shipping  
Fixed Discount Amount  
Percantage Discount Amount  
Limitations: Unlimited  
Limitations: N times Only  
Limitations: N times Per User  
Maximum Total Discount Quantity  
Cumulative With Other Discounts Feature  
User Roles Related Discounts  
Company Related Discounts  
Discount Time Range  
Tier Price Discounts  
Product Attributes Discounts    
Conditional Product Attributes Discounts    
Cashback Module      
Affiliate Management        
Shipping Management
Product Weight Feature      
Product Length Feature      
Product Width Feature      
Product Height Feature      
Ship Separately Feature    
Product Delivery Dates
Product Availability Ranges
Shipping Providers Module
Shipping Methods Management
Shipping Method Restrictions Management
Tracking ID Module
Product Shipping Charge Feature
Shipping Rate Per Weight Unit      
Shipping Rate Conditional Calculators      
Pickup Points Module
Pick-up In Store
Display Pick-up Points On Map    
Free Shipping Management
Free Shipping Over X Price
Notification for Using Multiple Warehouses  
Display Shipment Events for Users  
Display Shipment Events for Managers
Estimate Shipping Module        
Warehouse Management  
Measure Management      
Dimensions Management      
Weights Management      
Payment Management
Payment Methods Management
Payment Restrictions
Electronic Payment Collection
Money Order Payments
Credit Card Payments  
In Store Payments
In Delivery Payments
Payment Providers Integration  
Banks Integration  
Payment Method Additional Fee
User Management
Company Management
User Roles Module
Users Filtering and Reporting
Online Users Module    
User Activity Management    
User Activity Logs    
Additional System Users
Export Users to XML
Export Users to Excel
Advanced User Profile
User Order Management
User Address Management
User Current Shopping Cart Management    
User Current Wishlist Management    
User Impersonate    
User Subscription Management    
User Cashback Management        
User Registration: Standard
User Registration: Admin Approval
User Registration: E-mail Validation
User Registration: Disabled
Password Encryption Methods        
Password Lockout for Failures
Public User Profile Feature      
Storing User IP Addresses
Unlimited User Addresses
Custom User Attributes        
Custom User Address Attributes        
Private Messaging System    
Campaign Management    
User Roles Related Campaigns    
Company Related Campaigns    
Bulk E-mail Sending Feature    
Newsletter Subscription
User Forums      
User Admin Notes
Product Reviews Module
Product Reviews After Approved
Product Reviews After Purchase Only
News Reviews Module
Blog Reviews Module      
E-mail a Friend    
News Module
Polls Module        
Blogs Module      
Static/Dynamic Content Module
Password Protected Content Page Feature
Limited to User Roles Content Page Feature
Limited to Site Content Page Feature        
Only Logged In Users Can See Catalog Feature
Show Mini Cart Feature
Language Management  
Additional Language Support  
Additional Languages   247 Languages
Country Management
Currency Management
Custom Currency Module  
Widgets Module  
Plugin Module
Search Module
Search Auto-Complete Module
Pictures in Search Auto-Complete Feature  
Advanced Search  
Search In Category
Search In Brands
Search in Descriptions
Search with Price Ranges
Notifications Module
Message Templates Module
Templates Module        
Store Pictures in Database Feature
Store Pictures in File System Feature
Media Settings Module
3rd Party External Authentication Feature        
Fully-Integrated Multiple Site For Stores        
System Logs        
System Warnings        
System Maintenance
Message Queue
Scheduled Tasks        
Sitewide Custom Meta Tags
Custom Meta Tags for All Pages
Custom Meta Tags Language Support
Custom URL for All Pages
Custom URL Language Support
Auto-Created Meta Title for All Pages
Auto-Created URL for All Pages
Auto-Created Sitemap
Customizable Sitemap
Auto-Created Robots file
404 Page Not Found Module
Rich Snippets
Products Tag Cloud
Blog Tag Cloud      
SEO Multi-Language Support
Automatic Language Detection
Image optimization
Browser Caching
CSS Compression / Bundle
JavaScript Compression / Bundle
Canonical URL
SEO URL Rewrite
URL Management
SEO and Performance Settings
Analytics Tools Integration
Compatibility with Google Search Engine
Compatibility with Baidu (百度) Search Engine
Compatibility with Yahoo Search Engine
Compatibility with Bing Search Engine
Compatibility with Yandex (Яндекс) Search Engine
Compatibility with Ask Search Engine
Compatibility with Sogou (搜狗) Search Engine
Compatibility with DuckDuckGo Search Engine
Compatibility with Youdao (有道) Search Engine
Compatibility with Ecosia Search Engine
Compatibility with Search Encrypt Search Engine
Compatibility with Qwant Search Engine
Compatibility with WebCrawler Search Engine
Compatibility with Excite Search Engine
Compatibility with Social Media Platforms
Custom Design  
Template Design
Theme Upload Module
100% Flexible Design
Mobile Interface
Image Optimization
Editable CSS File