Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. Optimization requires great efforts to achieve good results in time. Each website in the list of search engines has quality scores and these scores can be obtained from:

• Technology used on the server and website,
• Structure, compatibility, quality, and performance of the source code,
• Performance degree,
• Content quality,
• Content update frequency,
• Count of visitors,
• Bounce rate,
• Quality of optimization,
• Quality of design and used materials on the website,
• Backlinks (All incoming hyperlinks)...

There are over 200 algorithms which effects the search engine results. When you target multiple search engines, number of required algorithms will increase. According to our market research, we have discovered that almost 99.99% of all SEO companies only follows 15-20 commonly used algorithms instead of applying the most they can do. Some SEO companies work with illegal ways to get results in quite short time which will cause unstable results on website statistics. As a result, your website will be permanently banned from the search engines, and your visitors will discover your unrealistic approach.

- We provide fully-optimized source code for the search engines. In our software packages, we applied almost all algorithms which we have discovered in the last 19 years. After the short training, you will be able to create SEO optimized content for your website, or you will request the content from us.

- We analyze your own website to provide you a full report. You will discover necessary changes for your website to be listed on the top of the search engine results. You will be able to apply changes on your source code, or you can request from us to apply changes to your own source code.

- We create SEO-optimized content for you in almost all languages.

Our main difference about the search engine optimization is our knowledge and experience. We care about our products and services, we care about processes and results, we care about our work and we provide our services and products in the most highest quality.